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Episode 9: In Focus: The Sight & Insight Workshop

May 28, 2018
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Happy Memorial Day. Today David, Connie and Judy discuss the Workshop Experience, in particular, the Sight and Insight workshop concept.
Painting is an enjoyable – sometimes frustrating – experience. In these days of high speed technology, painting – the art of creativity – is a unique and indispensable release from the tension of everyday living. 
There are numerous classes and workshops for the student painter to choose from, but are they all the same? Some painters prefer to teach by demonstrating their own methods of beginning, refining and completing a painting, which may be enjoyable but doesn’t allow the student to empower their own painting technique.
Others choose to offer a program of daily tasks to help students – from beginners to more advanced painters – learn to design a better motif from the beginning, rather than discovering half way through your work that you have the horizon line right in the middle of the canvas, or a counterpoint in the wrong place for your dynamic symmetry. 
“Sight and Insight is aimed at the synergy of teaching new ways of painting,” says David.
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The foundations of learning to paint remain the same, but sometimes we have to come up with a new way of explaining it to students; that’s where Sight and Insight come into play. We’ll talk about memory painting, color theory, variety in unity, curvilinear perspective and the farthest back straggler.
Want to know more? Visit for further details. David and Connie will keep the workshop small to allow more time for personal critiques, so don't delay, check it out today.
Sight & Insight Design and Composition Oil Painting Workshop

Join this intensive 5-day workshop that offers a dramatic change in the way you develop your outdoor paintings!

We are inviting you to experience something new! A buried treasure and a release from the familiar ways you paint outdoors.

Design is an elegant ordering and invention that equals creation. This workshop gives you a chance to experience both! Are you up for the challenge?

When: June 18-22, 2018

Where: Essex Greenbelt, 10-3 pm

With: David Curtis and Lorwen Connie Nagle

Tuition:  $500.

To sign up, or request further information please call

(978) 283-4135, or email

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