The Sight & Insight Podcast

Episode 25: Don Stone - Doing It His Way

September 23, 2018

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Greetings, Art Lovers, and thank you for joining us for another exciting episode of the Sight and Insight Podcast. Today we are talking about a great show currently on exhibit at the North Shore Arts Association, 11 Pirates Lane, Gloucester, MA 01930. Don Stone Comes Home is on view through October 9 and features over 140 works.


Bittersweet by Don Stone

Don Stone could turn his hand to oil painting, watercolors, egg tempera and more and these skills, combined with an unerring eye for composition and design, helped him become a noted artist and beloved teacher during a long and successful career. Our intrepid trio discuss Don's work, his larger than life personality and the character quirks that made him a legend in his own lifetime!

Stone_Winter_Trees.jpeg  Stone_Barn_Rafters_with_Swallows_wc_paper_22_25_x_30_50.jpg

Winter Trees                       Barn Rafter with Swallows

And if you get chance, join Judy and David Curtis, and hopefully, Lorwen, at Judy's presentation on Don Stone at the North Shore Arts Association, 2 pm, Sunday, September 30.

Happy listening!