The Sight & Insight Podcast

Focusing on Color

June 11, 2018


Get into the habit of doing what you see, not what you know. Human reason cannot foresee the accidents of out-of-doors.

— Charles Hawthorne

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Greetings, Art Lovers, and welcome to another episode of Sight & Insight. And don't worry, you're not going crazy, we just flip flopped the last two recordings, so we are briefly put of sequence. This is just to keep you on your toes and see how many of you are really listening! We should be back on track next week.

This week, however, we are discussing color; one of the most important aspects of the painter's craft. Judy begins with Newton's contribution to color theory, and is quickly followed up by artists and teachers, Connie and David, weighing in on what color means for the painter in order to create a better effect, especially when working out of doors.

Apologies for the sound quality this week; we had one or two technical hitches, but hopefully the passing airplane won't detract too much from the scintillating conversation.

Until next week, it's goodbye from Judy, and happy painting, from David and Connie....

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